Your #1 Private Money Funding Source For Real Estate Investing.

Quick Closing

We close quick so you can get back to doing what you love, finding more deals!

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We offer rates that you won’t find anywhere else in the private money marketplace!

No Credit, No Problem

Our loans are always asset based, so there’s no need to worry about being denied over your credit score or your experience or lack thereof.

Expansive Lending Network

Gain access to a growing network of private money lenders who are looking for deals to fund!

100% Funding Available for Joint Venture Deals!

When you partner with us We can offer up to a 100% funding for your purchase, rehab and closing costs.

All Types Of Non-Owner-Occupied Real Estate Loans Funded.

7Kbranded is your #1 funding source for all your real estate investing needs. Whether you need funding for a Fix and Flip, Buy and Hold or need a Refi we can help you with your needs. We also lend on Land, ground up construction, commercial and virtually any non-owner-occupied real estate investments.